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soft contact lenses
Have a chance to meet new concept contact lenses POLYTOUCH launches. POLYTOUCH gives good fit and satisfaction to all the customers.
soft contact lenses

 Myopia soft contact lenses
 13.3mm micromini Soft Contact Lenses 

13.3mm micromini Soft Contact Lenses CQ PLUS has advanced innovatively the problem of preceding lenses. Specially, it is designed to be closer to the cornea to offer good fit which needs various demands.
We selected scientific lay out methods in CQ PLUS lenses to solve the tiredness and oppressive feeling that is important to user.
 CQ PLUS lenses are...
  The edge of lenses and thickness are very delicate in 360˚, and they are not influenced by corrected
 eyesight (low and high) and maintain regularly to give good fit.
  The curve from the Optical-Zone to Edge of end of the lenses is Multi-Curve to make Pumping smoothly
 to diminish the oppressive feeling in the condition of long wearing.
 Casting Method for Edge Out
 Casting Method for Edge Out makes thickness of Edge elaborate and with so many curves to give many
 good points when wearing lenses. Specially, it is high tech methods that overcame the limit of cutting
 method, centrifugal casting method, and mold methods.
 CQ PLUS contact lenses have.
No annoyance at the first time you wear and it is developed to give the preexisting users better fit.
 CQ PLUS contact lenses are.
A new concept of soft lenses to give smooth flow of tears and air provision which is a characteristic of
micro mini contact lenses.
 CQ PLUS contact lenses are.
3 types of lenses to choose proper lenses according to the condition of Cornea.
soft contact lenses