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astigmatism correction lens, toric contact lens Have a chance to meet new concept contact lenses POLYTOUCH launches. POLYTOUCH gives good fit and satisfaction to all the customers
astigmatism correction lens, toric contact lens

 Astigmatism Correction Lens

 Magic of ring type lenses /
 New concept of TORIC lenses for Astigmatism Correction

 Casting Method for Edge Out
 TORIC Soft Contact Lens
Casting Method for Edge Out
astigmatism correction lens, toric contact lens
AXIS VISION TORIC contact lenses are 3dimentional ring(TORIC) contact lenses different from preexisting lenses. 
They give stable fixed eyesight, comfortable fit, and diminished tiredness with long time wearing. 
The center of gravity is broken up into 3 steps to give corrected eyesight effect without moving.
The demerit of toric contact lens of spinning of axis and returning difficulty is advanced in AXIS VISION by design
to have safe arrival stably and quickly.

The edge of lenses and thickness is very delicate and it is not influenced by corrected eyesight
(low and high) and maintains regularly to give good fit.
We use the method that spherical surface and degree of circumference are maintaining the angle of bevel
and edge regularly from high degree to low degree. Also, there are equal effects to TORIC users who are disadvantaged in 180’.
Multi-curved Surface of method gives comfortable fit.
The steep slope of preexisting toric contact lenses of spherical surface curve and curve of the degree of
circumference gives oppressive to cornea to cause the tiredness of eyes. But AXIS VISION TORIC
Contact lenses are made to have the gentle slope of curved surface to maintain the tear-pumping diminishing
the fatigue of eyes.
  AXIS VISION TORIC CONTACT LENSES are different from others as below
AXIS VISION TORIC contact lenses are manufactured by the
ergonomic method for professional correction of astigmatism.
It is also chosen by the Casting Method for Edge Out to minimize the demerits and side effects.
astigmatism correction lens, toric contact lens
AXIS VISION TORIC contact lenses are 13.7mm DIA made to have many merits when wearing for long time.
By controlling of resistance of eyelid, they get right position stably.
By minimizing the oppressive feeling of cornea, they give comfortable fit in long time wearing.
OPTICAL ZONE of circumference curve degree is designed not to give any influence to the gravity of the AXIS, so it gives fixed eye sight not effected by sphere of high degree and circumference degree.
common sense ( about inferiority of corrected eyesight...)
  Why is the corrected eyesight not good as wearing TORIC contact lenses (for astigmatism correction)
   by accurate prescription?
  It is one of the usual symptoms in wearing lenses of astigmatism correction, and has various reasons.
  If you analyze the reason accurately and solve it, you can have more corrected eyesight.
  For your reference, we extract some of the frequent side effects in wearing TORIC contact lenses.
  Please contact professional (oculist, optician) to have clear and corrected eyesight.
Reason 1 . Inferiority of corrected eyesight by movement of center angle
Lenses for astigmatism correction are different from myopia lenses that there are sphere and degree
of circumference existing in the optical zone, and the focus is made in the center where the both meet.
So, contrary degree of horizon and vertical should be same to the center angle of cornea. And it does not happen with some reason, the corrected eyesight can be acquired
The reason of the circling lenses without arriving.

- Reason of lenses
- the external reason of lenses

It occurs when the condition to maintain the horizontal is not made.
For the external reason, the dryness of the lenses that made the extreme change of the curve
of the surface and turbidity by tears is the main reason.
Reason 2. Serious variation of curve of cornea and curve of lenses
When lenses are worn, they are applied as swimming in the tear layer of cornea. And when the curve
of cornea and the curve of lenses are not same, the variation makes concave or convex layer of tears
and this influenced to refraction to make corrected eyesight inferior. So sometimes users are
complaining that they are difficult to see things focused and sometimes things are overlapped.
And when the lenses are dry, the lenses become turbid. This is also due to the variation between the curve of cornea and curve of lenses. When this happens, please contact to a professionals for council.
The reason 1 and 2 above are major reasons of corrected eyesight inferiority by analysis.